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BUS 107 - O'Neal: First Steps

This guide will help you find information about companies to prepare you for your persuasive speech.

First Steps

First, you have to find a company that has lost money recently.  One way to do that is to look at the Fortune 500 list and sort by Profits.  Many companies with negative profits have probably lost money overall in the past few years. Then you can check their finances on Yahoo Finance.

  • The Fortune 500 list for 2016 - filter by Profits. Then you have to scroll all the way down to the companies with negative earnings. But that takes time with the new interface - so:
  • Another method is to do a Google or Yahoo search for companies lose money (common words in news headlines) to find some lists of recent money losers.
  • Yahoo Finance - a good, clean site to see stock quotes, news stories, and market data.  Enter your ticker symbol (JCP for J.C. Penney for example) in the Quote Lookup box. Then you click the Financials tab to get the Income Statement (see below):

Scroll down to the bottom of the page to find Net Income: