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AAD 201 The Built Environment - Kreg Mebust: JSTOR

This LibGuide is designed to connect you with resources invaluable to your 5 page essay about a building of historical importance from the perspective of a travel writer who experienced this structure/complex during the time of the actual construction or


JSTOR is an excellent resource for scholarly peer-reviewed articles in the Social Sciences and Humanities.  The majority of retrieved articles will be five or more pages in length and will include extensive work cited references for further reading. MLA citations are available for all articles and can be copied and pasted into your Works Cited page. 

To access JSTOR go to  the library Database and Journals page. Scroll down the list and click on JSTOR. Your Canvas/MyTMCC login and password will provide you with off-campus access.  

When I type: Notre Dame Cathedral Paris in the search box I retrieve over 5,500 articles. The year of publication is listed for each article and ranges from the 1853 to the Present.  In describing Notre Dame the perspective is always of value, regardless of the year of publication.  Remember for your essay you will be commenting upon your building/structure/complex through the eyes of someone observing it during the time of construction or shortly after. 

Each article allows me to download the PDF of the article, provides a MLA/APA citation and introduces me to topics discussed within the article.