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Anthro 201 - Wilhelm - Afghanistan Resources: EBSCO ebooks


EBSCO ebooks

The EBSCO ebook collection is an excellent source for information about Afghanistan including the customs and cultural issues faced by the Afghani people. This ebook source is accessed at the Library Databases and Journals page. Scroll down the list of databases and click ebook collection EBSCO. Use your Canvas/MyTMCC login and password to enter the ebook collection.

As you begin typing Afghanistan in the search box EBSCO immediately begins breaking down the broad term Afghanistan to sub-topics as you type.  Such sub-topics include: war, women, culture, education, government, music..... By searching exclusively with the keyword Afghanistan the database retrieves over 700 ebook titles.   Consider how some of these sub-topics may assist you in writing your research paper.  For best possible results do not click on the subtopics associated with Afghanistan in that pull down menu.  Instead take the common denominator word Afghanistan and use the word AND to link your search terms.

Example: Afghanistan AND women.  Afghanistan AND Taliban. 

Afghanistan and women as search keywords narrows my results to 57 titles.  You need not read the entire book. Each book entry has on the left side of your screen a link to the ebooks Table of Contents. View the Table of Contents to determine the most appropriate chapters in regard to your thesis statement.  

In addition, each title has a brief description which will assist in your determining the title's relevancy to your research. It should take no longer than one minute to ead the book description. All titles also include an APA citation for you to copy and paste. 


Rostami-Povey, E. (2007). Afghan Women : Identity and Invasion. Zed Books


Through years of Taliban oppression, during the US-led invasion and the current insurgency, women in Afghanistan have played a hugely symbolic role. This book looks at how women have fought repression and challenged stereotypes, both within Afghanistan and in diasporas in Iran, Pakistan, the US and the UK. Looking at issues from violence under the Taliban and the impact of 9/11 to the role of NGOs and the growth in the opium economy, Rostami-Povey gets behind the media hype and presents a vibrant and diverse picture of these women's lives. The future of women's rights in Afghanistan, she argues, depends not only on overcoming local male domination, but also on challenging imperial domination and blurring the growing divide between the West and the Muslim world. Ultimately, these global dynamics may pose a greater threat to the freedom and autonomy of women in Afghanistan and throughout the world.

Table of Contents


Keywords are the best way to either narrow or expand your searches.  Pay attention to the search box keyword pull down menu and also the subject keyword associated with that title found underneath that title in the initial results list.

Book Jacket


By: Rostami-Povey, Elaheh. London : Zed Books. 2007. eBook.

Subjects: SOCIAL SCIENCE / Gender Studies; Women--Afghanistan--Economic conditions; Sex discrimination against women--AfghanistanWomen--AfghanistanWomen--Afghanistan--Social conditions