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Anthro 201 - Wilhelm - Afghanistan Resources: JSTOR



The JSTOR database contains peer reviewed journal articles that shall assist you in understanding Afghani culture and conflicts across the decades.  This database will help you understand trends, mores, tribalism, ethnic differences and power struggles that have played out throughout time in Afghanistan revealing how complex and fragile that national entity actually is. JSTOR is perhaps the most compression database for Anthropology journal articles. 

Your TMCC login/password will provide access to this resource.  The database is located at the library Databases and Journals page.  If you need any assistance with this or other databases please do not hesitate to contact me, Librarian Neil Siegel, at 775-376-4018.  This is my cell.  

All JSTOR articles provide an APA citation and PDF access.  Always use the PDF for it is a replication of the published article and it includes the pagination which is the most accurate way for you to cite content. 

The JSTOR database allow you to narrow a search by content type:

Academic Content for Afghanistan:

  • You will also wish to narrow your search to more specific aspects of Afghanistan. When I narrow by the ethnic group Pashtun ( Afghanistan and Pashtun) my search results are:
  • Academic Content by adding Pashtun:

Sample article:

Perspectives on Terrorism, Vol. 3, No. 4 (December 2009), pp. 37-51
APA  Citation
Kfir, I. (2009). The Role of the Pashtuns in Understanding the Afghan Crisis. Perspectives on Terrorism, 3(4), 37-51.
        Retrieved March 18, 2020, from
For peer reviewed journal articles JSTOR and EBSCO are your best options.