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ENG 102 - Wilson: YouTube for Notable Scenes/Interviews

Use these links to learn about movies and find film critiques and reviews.

YouTube for Notable Scenes/Interviews

YouTube provides a universe of possibilities in supporting your research paper.  Most notably this will be in the form of film clips and interviews. 

The clips loaded on to YouTube are the documentary's or feature films most poignant moments.  These scenes should be  analyzed for their relevancy to your thesis and argument.  Take the selected scenes from either your film viewing experience or YouTube and think hard as to where they would fit into the organization of your paper. Each scene should create a momentum driving transition in your paper's organization and argument. 

For example when I search YouTube for Network scenes:

The Rant

Life is Bullshit

The World is A Corporation

Turn Off Your TVs

Mind Control

Interviews and Analysis

Director Sydney Lumet Talks About Network

Why the Acting is So Good

How To Write Satire

News: Entertainment or Truth

News As Entertainment