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Genealogy and Family History: Websites

A guide to assist those interested in starting a family history project.

Gravestones are a Great Source of Genealogical Information

Ebsco has many good articles on the history of burial practices. Understanding such practices is an important part of of writing and understanding your ancestors/family history.

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Websites of Significant Genealogical Organizations

Private Organizations and Associations

Mind Mapping Tools Video (Visualize the Complex)

African American Ancestry

Genealogy in Spanish (Don't forget that the TMCC Library books on this as well)

Understanding Genealogical Numbering Systems

Understanding Kinship (Cousins Explained)

World Wide Web

Government Agencies

Websites of Government Agencies that can assist with your genealogy

Video on the Importance of Understanding Boundary Changes While Researching Your Ancestors

Date Each State was Admitted to the Union

Historical Boundaries

Free Online Family Tree Websites: Create Your Family Tree for Free

Deaf Genealogy

Websites that Allow You to Share Your Family Photographs

How to Find Archived Prison Records

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