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English 102 - Transcendentalism - Shinn: Library Book Holdings

Library and Internet resources related to the topic Transcendentalism to support Professor Josh Shinn's curriculum


Emerson's prose and poetry : authoritative texts, contexts, criticsm / selected and edited by Joel Porte, Saundra Morris.
2001      PS1603 .P67 2000     Main Stacks

Essays & lectures / Ralph Waldo Emerson.  PS1608 .A1 1983     Main Stacks

Essays / by Ralph Waldo Emerson ; with introduction by Irwin Edman.    PS1608 .A1 1926    Main Stacks

Essays of Ralph Waldo Emerson, illustrated by John Steuart Curry.      PS1608 .A1 1944       Main Stacks

Essential writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson / edited by Brooks Atkinson ; introduction by Mary Oliver.   PS1602 A86 2000   Main Stacks

Nature and selected essays / Ralph Waldo Emerson ; edited with an introduction by Larzer Ziff.    PS1602 .Z54 2003   Main Stacks

Nature / Ralph Waldo Emerson. Walking / Henry David Thoreau ; introduction by John Elder.     PS1613 .A1 1991    Main Stacks

Selected writings of Ralph Waldo Emerson / edited and with a foreword by William H. Gilman.    PS1603 .G5 1983     Main Stacks

Self-reliance, and other essays / Ralph Waldo Emerson.   PS1614 .A1 1993     Main Stacks

American transcendentalism, 1830-1860 : an intellectual inquiry / by Paul F. Boller, Jr.    B905 .B64 1974     Main Stacks

Essential transcendentalists / edited and introduced by Richard G. Geldard.    B905 .E87 2005     Main Stacks

Romanticism and transcendentalism : 1800-1860 / Jerry Phillips, general editor ; Michael Anesko, adviser and contributor ; Jerry Phillips, Andrew Ladd, principal authors.      PS217 .R6 P57 2006      Main Stacks

American transcendentalism : a history / Philip F. Gura.     B 905 G87 2007     Main Stacks

Second Great Awakening and the Transcendentalists / Barry Hankins.    BR 525 H323 2004    Main & Reference Stacks

Encyclopedia of Transcendentalism / Tiffany K. Wayne.       PS217 .T7 W39 2006      Reference

American transcendentalists : essential writings / edited and with an introduction by Lawrence Buell.     PS 541  A667 2006   Main Stacks
Transcendentalism : a reader / [edited by] Joel Myerson.        PS541 .T73 2000      Main Stacks

People of Concord : one year in the flowering of New England / by Paul Brooks       F74 .C8 B79 1990     Main Stacks

Transcendentalism in New England : a history / Octavius Brooks Frothingham ; introd. by Sydney E. Ahlstrom.    B 905 .F7 1972       Main Stacks

American transcendentalists, their prose and poetry. Miller, Perry,     PS541 .M5      Main Stacks

American transcendentalism ; an anthology of criticism, edited by Brian M. Barbour.      PS217 .T7 B3      Main Stacks

Annotated Walden : Walden : or, Life in the woods, by Henry D. Thoreau. Together with Civil disobedience, a detailed chronology and various pieces about its author, the writing and publishing of the book.      PS3048 .A1 1970      Main Stacks

American Bloomsbury : Louisa May Alcott, Ralph Waldo Emerson, Margaret Fuller, Nathaniel Hawthorne, and Henry David Thoreau : their lives, their loves, their work / Susan Cheever.      PS255 .C6 C48 2006     Main Stacks

Surveying the interior : literary cartographers and the sense of place / Rick Van Noy.    PS163 .V36 2003    Main Stacks

Cape Cod / Henry D. Thoreau ; edited by Joseph J. Moldenhauer.     F72 .C3 T4 1993    Main Stacks

Walden / Henry D. Thoreau ; edited by J. Lyndon Shanley ; introduction by Joyce Carol Oates.   PS3048 .A2 S5 1988     Main Stacks

Henry David Thoreau / by Richard J. Schneider.     PS3054 .S36 1987     Main Stacks

Walden / Henry David Thoreau ; with an introduction and annotations by Bill McKibben.    PS3048 .A1 1997      Main Stacks

Walden ; and, Resistance to civil government : authoritative texts, Thoreau's journal, reviews, and essays in criticism / Henry D. Thoreau ; edited by William Rossi.     PS3048 .A1 1992     Main Stacks

Walden ; and, Civil disobedience : complete texts with introduction, historical contexts, critical essays / Henry David Thoreau ; edited by Paul Lauter.     PS3048 .A1 2000       Main Stacks

Wider view of the universe : Henry Thoreau's study of nature / Robert Kuhn McGregor.     PS3057 .N3 M28 1997       Main Stacks

Environmental imagination : Thoreau, nature writing, and the formation of American culture / Lawrence Buell.   PS3057 .N3 B84 1995     Main 

Cambridge companion to Henry David Thoreau / edited by Joel Myerson.    PS3054 .C36 1995     Main Stacks

Heaven is under our feet / edited by Don Henley and Dave Marsh.     QH75 .H43 1991    Main Stacks

Thoreau's morning work : memory and perception in A week on the Concord and Merrimack Rivers, The journal, and Walden / H. Daniel Peck.      PS3054 .P4 1990     Main Stacks

Thoreau, a collection of critical essays.  Paul, Sherman.      PS3053 .P33    Main Stacks

Days of Henry Thoreau : a biography / Walter Harding.     PS3053 .H3 1982     Main Stacks

Walden, Civil disobedience, and other writings : authoritative texts, journal, reviews and posthumous assessments, criticism / Henry D. Thoreau ; edited by William Rossi.   PS3048 .A1 2008b     Main Stacks

Walden warming : climate change comes to Thoreau's woods / Richard B. Primack.    QH105 .M4 P75 2014    Main Stacks

Walden, and selected essays: introd. by George F. Whicher.    PS3042 .W5     Main Stacks

Annotated Walden : Walden : or, Life in the woods, by Henry D. Thoreau. Together with Civil disobedience, a detailed chronology and various pieces about its author, the writing and publishing of the book.     PS3048 .A1 1970       Main Stacks

Henry David Thoreau / edited and with an introduction by Harold Bloom.   PS3054 .H38 2007      Main Stacks

Environment in Henry David Thoreau's Walden / Gary Wiener, book editor.    PS3048 .E58 2010    Main Stacks



Emerson, Thoreau and the Transcendentalist Movement (DVD) Parts 1 & 2   B 905 N53   DVD Collection