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Humanities 101 - Channing: Books on Reserve

A survey of the major cultural influences from ancient Egypt through the Renaissance in western civilization: music, art, literature, film and philosophy. Course considers important movements and figures.

Books on Reserve List - Can be found at TMCC Library

HUM 101 – Library Books on Reserve
See the list on the
Library Catalog under the Course Reserve Tab

  • Aegean art and architecture
  • Aegean Bronze age
  • Archaeology of Greece : an introduction
  • Art, desire, and the body in ancient Greece
  • Athenian Acropolis : history, mythology, and archaeology from the Neolithic era to the present
  • Cambridge illustrated history of prehistoric art
  • Cathedral, the story of its construction
  • Chinese art & culture
  • Culture and values: a survey of the humanities (class text)
  • Daily life in Greece (ancient Greece).  The library has many other “daily life” books available.
  • Europe before Rome : a site-by-site tour of the stone, bronze, and iron ages
  • Goddesses, whores, wives, and slaves : women in classical antiquity
  • Gothic art : glorious visions
  • Great popes through history : an encyclopedia
  • Hindu art and architecture
  • Imperial Rome and Christian triumph : the art of the Roman Empire AD 100-450
  • Medieval machine : the industrial revolution of the Middle Ages
  • Principles of Roman architecture
  • World of Islam : faith, people, culture