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Sociology Resources: Books in the TMCC Libraries

Library book and periodical article resources on Sociology, including hard copy books and online databases.

Locating Books Using the Library Caalog

Books are often an excellent resource in Sociology.  While HM is the main Sociology call number area, Sociology covers many topics and relevant books may be found in many call number areas. 


Elizabeth Sturm Library, Dandini Campus (the Main Library)


Redfield Branch, Health Science Center

Library Reference Collection 

Reference books are condensed, authoritative books such as encyclopedias.  Many reference books contain primary sources and original documents. 

General Collection  

Very large and very good collection, shelved mainly on the second floor of the Main Library.  Ask the Reference Librarians for assistance.  These books are allowed to leave the library.

Examples of Significant Sociology Books in the TMCC Library

  • Alone Together                                    HM851 .T86 2011
  • Beauty Myth                                        HQ1219 .W65 2002
  • Blank Slate                                          BF341 .P47 2002
  • Bowling Alone                                    HN65 .P878 2000
  • Coming to America                             E184.A1 D26 1990
  • Culture Jam                                         P94.6 .L37 2000
  • Delusions of Gender                           QP360 .F52 2010
  • Freakonomics                                      HB74.P8 L479 2005
  • Guns, Germs, and Steel                       HM206 .D48 1998
  • Guyland                                               HQ799.6 .K56 2009
  • Lonely Crowd                                     BF755.A5 R5 1953
  • Lucifer Effect                                      HV6089 .Z56 2007
  • Nickel and Dimed in America              HD4918 .E375 2008
  • Other People’s Children                      LC1099.3 .D45 2006
  • Shallows                                              QP360 .C3667 2010
  • Social Animal                                      HQ801 .B76 2011          
  • Tally’s Corner                                     E185.93.D6 L5 1967
  • Tipping Point                                       HM1033 .G53 2002
  • Wisdom of Crowds                             JC328.2 .S87 2004

Books in the TMCC Libraries