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AAD 201 The Built Environment - Kreg Mebust: e-books

This LibGuide is designed to connect you with resources invaluable to your 5 page essay about a building of historical importance.

EBSCO and ProQuest ebook Central

The Library subscribes to two databases that are solely dedicated to providing you with ebooks to read on your electronic devices. Both these database resources are located on the Library Database and Journals page under ebook collections.  MLA/APA citations are available for every retrieved title for you to copy and paste into your Works Cited page.

EBSCO ebooks

In the search box type: Ancient Roman Architecture. The database retrieves nearly 300 titles with the first ones listed being the most relevant. You can view the Table of Contents for each of these titles to zone in on the architectural structure or perspective relevant to your building/structure/complex. By connecting search terms using the word AND you can narrow your search.


In the search box type Ancient Greece. Your search produces over 12,000 titles. Some will be of assistance, but you do not have the time to go through such an extensive list to find exactly what you desire.  To your search add the keyword architecture. Use the word AND to link your search terms and narrow your search. Ancient Greece and Architecture. You now retrieve 7,500 titles and the first 20 should be the most relevant.


A Companion to Greek Architecture


Ancient Cities : The Archaeology of Urban Life in the Ancient near East and Egypt, Greece and Rome