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AAD 201 The Built Environment - Kreg Mebust: Films on Demand

This LibGuide is designed to connect you with resources invaluable to your 5 page essay about a building of historical importance.

Films On Demand

The Films on Demand video database will introduce you to the structure you are researching and will provide valuable insight on its historic functionality. To login use your Canvas/MyTMCC login and password.

This database can be found by going to the Library Databases and Journals web page and scrolling down to the bottom.  Click on Films on Demand to access this resource. The majority of the clips are less than five minutes in length, but in those five minutes the essence of the building/structure/complex is fully explained to benefit your research.  Every video clip has an associated MLA citation for you to copy and paste. This can be located just beneath the video clip when you click the Cite button. For Example in regard to the Taj Mahal clip:

“Islamic Art: India and the Middle East.” Films Media Group, 2007,

        wID=98048&xtid=37637. Accessed 21 Feb. 2020.

Examples for viewable clips are:

Ancient Greece

Ancient Rome

Mayan - Uxmal

Christian Art and Architecture (for the following); Ireland, Ethiopia, France, Spain, Turkey, Rome)


The Gothic Cathedral

Florence Cathedral's Dome

The Renaissance

Roman and Islamic Spain

Medieval Fortified Cities

Islam Art and Architecture (throughout the World with specific building focus)

Hagia Sophia

Taj Mahal

Cordoba Mosque



For the Taj Mahal there are four relevant clips:

The Legend of

Islam, Art, and the Taj Mahal

Treasures of the Taj Mahal

Islamic Art: India and the Middle East

Another source for viewing video relevant to your building/structure/complex is YouTube.  Many scholars and travelers have documented their experiences on video to share with those anxious awaiting the opportunity to visit the destination themselves.

YouTube however does not provide citations. You would want to use your favorite citation builder  (Easybib, KnightCite) to produce your MLA citation.