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Anthro 201 Afghanistan

This LibGuide will introduce you to the diversity of Library online resources that shall assist you in writing your paper on Afghanistan. These resources include: journal article (peer reviewed) access, online cultural anthropology encyclopedias, ebooks, and videos.  Each of these resources provide APA/MLA citations that you can copy and paste to your Works Cited page. All resources, located at the Library Databases and Journals web page, are accessible from remote campus locations (home) 24/7 when you enter your TMCC login and passwords. 

If you need assistance with your research you may contact the reference desk at 674-7602 or librarian Neil Siegel at 775- 674-7608 (office) (9:30 - 5:00, M - F) or anytime up to 10:00 pm nightly at 775-376-4018 (cell). You can also contact the librarians by email: or Neil directly at The best way to contact me and to have the most instant communication is by phone.  Please have a computer or portable device handy to begin research. 

When preparing research for this, and any assignment, please go beyond the number of recommended resources in order to avoid repetition of things you have already stated in order to bring your paper up to page length requirements. Researching across the library resources you will identify more information than you believed was possible.  Do your research once in order to save time in the future. If you use all the resources that is great.  If you use half of them to address your thesis that is great as well. The point is to in real time work efficiently and effectively with ample resources in hand so that at a later date you do not find yourself back peddling into the research to more effectively drive your paper's content. 

In this paper you will examine aspects of customs and issues of the Afghani culture.  Afghanistan is a very complex country and has been for the longest of time.  The ethnicity, religious denominations, tribal aspects, 50 years of continuous warfare, women's place, literacy, social economic division between rural and urban shape the complexity of Afghanistan. As such, key concepts of conflict and cultural complexity, as related to the novel Kite Runner,  should drive your thesis.  Think in terms of specific keywords to drive your research. For example: Taliban and Women or Hazara and Pashtun.  Always use the word AND to link your search terms and always keep your searches very simple and driven by keywords. Google natural language searches will not benefit your search results for the databases cannot comprehend a long question oriented search. 

Peer Tutoring

Finally, the TMCC Writing Center tutors, located in the Learning Commons (formerly known as the Library) will assist you in building a stronger, more cohesive, and better flowing paper.  They will not re-write your paper.  They will make strong recommendations on how to improve your paper in many ways.

Tutoring Center Website

The TMCC Writing Center is a free tutoring service for students who want help at any stage of the writing process, from brainstorming to revising. This includes work on any writing assignment across the curriculum and in any discipline.

Our mission at The Writing Center is to create independent learners by giving you the tools and resources you need to become a better writer. We focus on the person and the process, not just the paper.



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