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Eng 102 THTR 210 Cardoza/Andersen: EBSCO ebooks

Play Library Resource Guide

EBSCO ebooks

In the JSTOR LibGuide entry I have listed recommended  keywords to utilize in a search. Refer back to JSTOR for these keywords.

EBSCO ebooks can assist you with further understanding the context of time, identity, and place in plays. The EBSCO ebooks are accessible from the Library Database and Journals page.  The best way to maximize on time management is to view the Table of Contents for books associated with the critical literature for understanding the concepts of your play.  The Table of Contents for the retrieved list of books is located at the bottom of each entry and can be immediately hyper linked to. The Table of Contents may be instrumental in shaping your thesis and the flow of your research paper.

For example: 

Introduction: Race and Criminal Justice. Beginnings: 1900–1920183. The LAPD and Mexican Workers, 1900–1920. The LAPD and the Revolutionaries. The LAPD and Mexican American Workers, 1920–1940. Theories and Statistics of Mexican Criminality. Police Misconduct and Community Protest. Crime Fighters and Zoot Suiters. Facts and Origins of the Zoot­Suit Hysteria. "More Sinned Against Than Sinning". The Riots and Their Aftermath. A Statue to the Unknown Zooter.

MLA (Modern Language Assoc.)
Escobar, Edward J. Race, Police, and the Making of a Political Identity : Mexican Americans and the Los Angeles Police Department, 1900-1945.         University of California Press, 1999.

MLA citations are available to copy/paste for every ebook by clicking the Cite button on the right side of the screen.

When searching this ebook database as you enter the name of your play, or thesis keywords associated with the play, a drop down menu appears.  For example, when I type Zoot Suit the database identified the following associated elements: Riots of 1943, Fashion, Themes. 

Always use AND to link subject keywords. AND will narrow your search, thus limiting your results. The connector OR expands your search. OR connects related terms, thus increasing the results list.  For example, Hispanics OR Latinos AND Discrimination. Also, think of keywords that will assist you in identifying themes related to your thesis:  Discrimination, Race Relations, Civil Unrest, Race Riots, Mexican Americans. 

Ebook titles associated with Zoot Suit