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Eng 102 THTR 210 Cardoza/Andersen: JSTOR

Play Library Resource Guide


JSTOR is the best library database for retrieving full text peer reviewed articles.

JSTOR is accessed at the Library Database and Journals web page under the Journals, Magazines, and Newspapers heading.

All articles contain MLA citations for you to copy/paste.

When searching JSTOR Keyword combinations will be instrumental in achieving the most relevant search results for your research paper.

JSTOR will retrieve the following Search Results: Journal articles, Book Chapters, and Research Reports (Primary Source)

For each search JSTOR will note how many resources from each category are available.

It will also note how many articles are associated with a particular subject area.

You can also limit your search by a Date Range

JSTOR will also provide Topic keywords with every item in the retrieved list. 

ALL Sources are available in PDF for you to easily Cite.

I have provided possible Keyword combinations for each recommended play to assist your research.  

You may wish to include AND Unites States in your search stream to narrow retrieved results to our nation.

The Plays:

Disgraced: Recommended Keywords 

Islamophia, Islamic identity and United States, Islamic profiling and United States, racial profiling and Islam, hate crimes and Muslims and United States

Sample Resource:



Laramie Project

homophobia and Unites States, combating and homophobia, hate crimes and homosexuality, hate crime laws, gay rights, hate crimes and prevention, Hate Crimes Prevention Act, Queer culture (JSTOR term)

Sample Resource:



Discrimination, Civil Rights, African Americans and urban ghetto, poverty and African Americans, adultery and African Americans, racism, social classes and racism, affirmative action, equal opportunity, family relations and African Americans

Sample Resource:

Journal of Marriage and Family, Vol. 74, No. 3 (June 2012), pp. 572-586

Zoot Suit

Sleepy Lagoon Murder Trial, Zoot Suit Riots, gangs and Hispanics or Chicano, Hispanics and prejudice

Sample Resource:

Mexican Studies/Estudios Mexicanos, Vol. 16, No. 2 (Summer, 2000), pp. 367-391


Alexander Hamilton was one of the GREAT Founders of OUR Nation. An immigrant, he served as a right hand to General Washington, he shaped the writing of the Constitution and wrote several Federalist Papers, he served as the first Secretary of the Treasury, he was killed in a dual by his one time friend Aaron Burr.  Today he stares at us from the $10 bill, so great was his contribution.  As such, numerous articles on Hamilton will appear.  You may wish to focus on his personality, leadership, contributions in shaping the Nation at the time of its infancy, or legacy.  For a paper on Hamilton the options are endless.

Sample resource:

NYU Press (2006)


JSTOR isn't Google: How to use search to find articles and ebooks on JSTOR