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Human Development & Family Studies: HDFS 232

A LibGuide to support HDFS faculty and students


Your instructor has provided the following information to assist you with this assignment.

HDFS 232 - Diversity in Children Research Paper

Here are the instructions on choosing a topic and the list of topics they can choose from. 


To get started, you need to select an appropriate topic and do some preliminary research. Your research topic must be approved by your instructor prior to beginning your full research paper. 

Choose a topic for your diversity research paper from the list of topics provided. These are based on the course content and are directly related to both child development as well as diversity.  Topics are: 

    • Children of Immigrant Families (Chapter 1)
    • Purpose of Cross Cultural Research (Chapter 3)
    • Mourning a Miscarriage or Stillbirth in various Cultures (Chapter 4)
    • Fetal Welfare verses Mothers’ Rights Around the World (Chapter 4)
    • Having a Baby in the Himalayas/Around the World (Chapter 5)
    • Sleep Customs around the World (Chapter 6)
    • Do Infants and Toddlers Watch too much TV in Western Society compared to Other Cultures. (Chapter 7)
    • Are Struggles with Toddlers Necessary? A Worldwide View (Chapter 8)
    • Food Security (Chapter 9) This must include food security in other countries not just the US. 
    • How Cultural Attitudes Affect Health Care (Chapter 12)
    • Family Mealtimes and the Child’s Wellbeing or How do 
    • Mealtimes Around the World affect a Child’s Wellbeing.  (Chapter 14)

Each of these topics can be found within the textbook in the chapter listed next to the topic. Please read these topics and decide which one you want to an in-depth study for your paper. I expect you to use the "article" in the chapter as part of your research but do not count it as one of your references. 

Click here to download the HDFS 232 - Diversity in Children Research Paper Assignment Guidelines