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Veterinary Nursing Research: finishing

Provides methods and tips for accessing veterinary literature.

Evaluating results

Review the results of each search for useful items.  Read the title and look at the subject headings to evaluate each item's relevance to your subject.  If an abstract is available, read it to gain a better understanding of the material.   Reject the item and move on to the next.  Select the item and save it to a folder (EBSCO), save it to a file, print it out or email it to yourself.  All databases will have some combination of these methods for retaining sources.  Make sure you save more than the minimum number of sources just in case you have to eliminate one.  This will keep you from having to run your search again.

Citations are required for each item you use to get information for your paper.  Make sure you save each citation in the required format.  Find an up to date citation generator to run each citation through to make sure it is in the currently accepted format for your style.

Finally, check your work with the Writing Center (contact the through Tutoring).  They know how to format papers and citations for each paper style.