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Hist 101_U.S. History to 1877: Assignment Schedule

Assignment Schedule

Assignment Sheet History 101 Fall 2019

Sept. 1                                                             Last day to withdraw for 100% refund

Sept. 9                                                              U.S./Nv. Constitution Quiz

Sept. 15                                                           Last day to withdraw for 50% refund

Sept 23                                                             Bill of Rights Quiz

Sept 30                                                            First Primary Sources Paper

Oct 7                                                                Dinner Conversation Paper

Oct. 14                                                             First Exam from Textbook, First Exam from Lecture
Oct. 21                                                             First You Are There Paper

Oct. 28                                                             Second Primary Sources Paper

Oct. 31                                                             Last day to withdraw from class or change to audit

Nov 13                                                             Second Textbook and Lecture Exam

Nov 25                                                             Second You Are There Paper 

Dec 11                                                             Lecture and Textbook Final Exam


Daily Assignments by Week

   Monday           August 26                    Introduction, Expectations, Syllabus and Assignments

Wednesday     August 28                    Study Tools

                                                            Read Chapter 1: Native Peoples of America


Sunday             Sept. 1                         Last day to withdraw for 100% refund

Monday           Sept 2                          NO CLASS LABOR DAY                        

Wednesday     Sept 4                          Meet in Library Classroom (This is now upstairs in the Library)

                                                            Attendance will be taken

                                                            Read Chapter 2: The Rise of the Atlantic World


Monday           Sept 9                          Read Chapter 3: The Emergence of Colonial Society

                                                ****    Finish U.S./Nv. Constitution Quiz on Canvas by 11:55 P.M.

Wednesday     Sept 11                        Read Chapter 4: The Bonds of Empire


Sunday             Sept. 15                       Last day to withdraw for 50% refund

Monday           Sept 16                        Read Chapter 5: Roads to Revolution

Wednesday     Sept 18                        Read Chapter 6: Securing Independence, Nationhood (to Constitutional



Monday           Sept 23                        Read Chapter 6 From Constitutional Convention

                                                ****    Finish Bill of Rights Quiz on Canvas by 11:55 P.M.                            

Wednesday     Sept 25                        Constitutional Convention


Monday           Sept 30                        Constitutional Convention                                                        n

                                                ****    Turn in First Primary Sources Paper on Canvas by 11:55 P.M.

Wednesday     Oct 2                            Read Chapter 7 through p. 205                                             


Monday           Oct 7                            Read rest of Chapter 7

                                                ****    Dinner Conversation Paper on Canvas by 11:55 P.m.

Wednesday     Oct 9                            Catch-up Day                                     


Monday           Oct 14              ****    First Exam on Textbook Chapters 1 through 7

                                                          First Exam on Lectures

                                                          Read Chapter 8 up to War of 1812

Wednesday     Oct 16                          Read Chapter 8: America at War and Peace


Monday           Oct 21                          Read Chapter 10: Democratic Politics, Religious Revival and Reform

                                                ****    First You Are There Paper on Canvas by 11:55 P.M.

Wednesday     Oct 23                          Continue Chapter 10


Monday           Oct 28                          Chapter 11: Technology, Culture and Everyday Life

                                                ****    Turn in Second Primary Sources Paper on Canvas by 11:55 P.M.

Wednesday     Oct 30                          Chapter 12: The Old South

Thursday         Oct 31                          Last day to withdraw for 50% refund            


Monday           Nov 4                           Chapter  13: Immigration, Expansion and Sectional Conflict

Wednesday     Nov 6                           Continue Chapter 13                


Monday           Nov 11                         Veterans Day  No Class      

Wednesday     Nov 13             ****    Second Exam

                                                            Read Chapter 14: From Compromise to Secession


Monday           Nov 18                         Continue Chapter 14                                           

Wednesday     Nov 20                         Read Chapter 15: Crucible of Freedom, Civil War


Monday           Nov 25                         Continue Chapter 15: Crucible of Freedom, Civil War

                                                ****    Turn in Second You Are There Paper on Canvas by 11:55 P.M.

Wednesday     Nov 27                         Finish Civil War


Monday           Dec 2                           Read Chapter 16: Reconstruction and Resistance                                          

Wednesday     Dec 4                           Finish Reconstruction


Monday           Dec 9                           Catch-up Day

Wednesday     Dec 11             ****    Final Exam