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Hist 101_U.S. History to 1877: Dinner Conversations

Dinner Conversations

Dinner Conversation Paper Fall 2019

Due Date:

            Oct. 7               on Canvas by 11:55 P.M.

            Oct  9               on Canvas by 11:55 P.M. for one full letter grade reduction

            Oct 11              on Canvas by 11:55 P.M. for a maximum score of 50%


You will do ONE Dinner Conversation Paper in which you will have a dinner conversation with a person who meets the following requirement.  In this paper you will pick ONE person who lived most of his or her life BEFORE 1877.  This person MUST have done MOST of his or her work BEFORE 1877. This person MUST be an American!

You will tell who this person is, when this person lived and for what was this person famous.  What were the person’s major accomplishments? Tell why, of all the people who lived in this time period, did you chose to invite this person to dinner. 

You will also come up with 3 to 5 questions which you would ask this person. . List these questions numerically at the end of the paper.

This paper will be at least 250 words, 12 point font, double-spaced. You will use college level writing and grammar.

You will use at least TWO sources for this paper. Television shows, even from The History Channel or PBS and movies will not be accepted. Wikipedia WILL NOT BE USED!  If you use a textbook or an instructor’s lecture, you will still need at least two sources. Your sources will be on a works cited page at the end of the paper and WILL NOT COUNT TOWARD THE LENGTH REQUIREMENT.

Grading Scale

The point total for an A is 47 points.  If you get an A, that does not mean that you did anything wrong.  I reserve the points between 47 and 50 for papers that blow me away.  Other than that, I cannot tell you the difference between 47 points and 49 points.  A few decades ago, the U.S. Supreme Court heard a lot of obscenity cases.  A reporter asked a Justice for his definition of obscenity.  The Justice replied, “I cannot define it.  I know it when I see it.”  That is what I feel about the difference between a 47 and a 48, 49 or 50.  I know it when I see it.  I know, that is as clear as mud.

You will lose points for not following the format, for not following directions, for not using college level grammar, spelling and writing.  You will lose points for not citing your sources.

A          48 pts.             B-         40 pts.             D+        34 pts.

A-         45 pts              C+        39 pts.             D          33 pts.

B+        44 pts.             C          37 pts.             D-        30 pts.

B          43 pts.             C-         35 pts.             F          25 pts