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Eng 102 - Cinderella in the World - Dr. Johnson-Olin: Gale Access Collection

Gale Access Collection

At the library Databases and Journals page scroll down and select the Gale Access Collection.  You will see a menu of numerous subject specific databases associated with the Gale Group.  Some of the databases associated with your research assignment include:

  • Business Collection
  • Communication and Mass Media Collection
  • Contemporary Women's Issues
  • Diversity Studies Collection
  • Gender Studies Collection
  • Pop Culture Collection
  • Psychology Collection.

You can search each database individually or another option is to search the complete listing of Gale databases simultaneously by typing your search term(s) in the Power Search box on the right side of the screen.  The Power Search may produce more irrelevant titles, but it is exhaustive and will save you time and key strokes. 

When we type our search term in the Power Search box the search retrieves results in the following Content Type categories:

  • Magazines
  • Academic Journals
  • Books
  • News Stories
  • Images
  • Videos

For the purpose of this class we will only explore the results found in Journal Articles because of their scholarly and peer reviewed value. For the most part, the book titles identified in a book search are mainly encyclopedia and reference titles which may not be accepted as a valued source. 

Besides being able to limit our search by document type we can also limit by Publication Date:

  • past week
  • past month
  • past year
  • customized date range

The Customized Date Range will be the most beneficial for your contemporary research for it will sort out articles prior to your requested date range, thus saving you time and maintaining a current perspective on the research topic. 

Document type allows you to narrow the retrieved results by article, brief article, critical essay, book review.

A subject box, also located on the right hand of the results screen identifies sub-topics that can narrow or expand your research project by simply clicking the + sign in the Subject box.