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Eng 102 - Cinderella in the World - Dr. Johnson-Olin: Google Scholar

Google Scholar


Google Scholar is another valued source for peer-reviewed/scholarly articles. 

Many of the articles you retrieve through a search will be free and available in PDF format.
Many of the articles may be too old and their relevancy to today's issues may be historic rather than contemporary.
Please be aware that many of the journal publishers who contribute to Google Scholar charge fees to allow access. 
As a student, the pay for access research process should not be a consideration.  Instead, for articles that appeal to you:
  • first search the TMCC library databases to see if the exact or a related article is available. 
  • Many of the Google Scholar articles will also be available through JSTOR
  • Google Scholar should be your final approach to research due to age and cost factors
  • the UNR Knowledge Center has access to many more databases than the TMCC library. 
    • A friend who is a UNR student may be able to access the article for you
    • you could visit the UNR Knowledge Center to access the article at a UNR student computer workstation with a guest login.
  • another option, but one that produces a delay in delivery, is submitting an Inter-Library Loan request. 

Inter-Library Loan  Please note the following:

  • This form is for TMCC faculty, staff and students only.
  • Please allow up to four weeks for your book requests to be filled.  Book titles at UNR will not be inter-library loaned to TMCC. You must check them out at UNR. They will issue you a community borrower card.
  • article requests should take a much shorter period of time, perhaps a few days.
  • You will be contacted when the item arrives, and you may pick it up at the Elizabeth Sturm Library on the Dandini Campus.
  • Your request will be reviewed by a librarian who may contact you about similar resources in the library before proceeding