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Eng 102 - Cinderella in the World - Dr. Johnson-Olin: Kanopy Streaming Videos

Kanopy Video Streaming

Located at the bottom of the library Databases and Journals page under Digital Video collections you will find the Kanopy Media Studies collection.  This streaming resource can be accessed from home using your MyTMCC/Canvas login 24/7. 

The Kanopy database contains documentary films to inspire critical thinking about mass media and its impact upon society, gender, and culture. 

A list of documentaries relevant to this course includes but is not limited to:

America the Beautiful - Obsession With Physical Beauty in America

The Illusionists - The Globalization of Beauty 

Tough Guise - Violence, Media & the Crisis in Masculinity

Tough Guise 2 - Violence, Manhood & American Culture

Mom and Me - A Story of Men and the Women Who Raised Them

I Was a Teenage Feminist - A Personal Journey Into the Heart of Feminism 

The Codes of Gender - Identity and Performance in Popular Culture 

He Said, She Said - Gender, Language and Communication 

Split: Divorce Through Kid's Eyes

Re-enchantment - The Hidden Meanings of Fairy Tales 

Modern Love - Matchmaker 

Miss You Can Do It - A Pageant For Girls With Special Needs

Sexy Baby - A Documentary About Sexiness & the Cyber Age

Bro Code - How Contemporary Culture Creates Sexist Men 

DreamWorlds - Desire, Sex & Power in Music Video 

Generation M - Misogyny in Media and Culture 

Miss Representation 

Killing Us Softly - Advertising's Image of Women

Still Killing Us Softly

Playing Unfair - The Media Image of the Female Athlete

The Purity Myth - The Virginity Movements War Against Women

What A Girl Wants

All This Panic - Teenage Girls Coming Of Age