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Constitutions of the United States and Nevada: U. S. Supreme Court Decisions

The Role of the Supreme Court

The U.S. Supreme Court interprets the Constitution, sets limits to the scope and power of the legislative and executive branches of government, and establishes policies that effect the daily lives of Americans.1  Thus, the decisions of the Supreme Court are an important part of understanding the evolving meaning of the Constitution and its Amendments.

Listed below are books and eBooks about the court and links to famous and influential Supreme Court decisions.

11 From U.S. Court Cases, v.1, p.87. Salem Press, 1999.

Reference Books in the Library

eBooks of Interest

Relevant Websites and Important Cases

Other sites with Opinions and other Court Information

Important Supreme Court Cases (partial list, found in A Companion to the United States Constitution by John Vile), see books in left-hand column. Case summaries are listed in Vile, p. 229-233. Important cases decided since the publication of the book are also included. Click the Citation number in each entry to get the full text of the decision).‚Äč