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ANTH 201 - Peoples and Cultures of the World: Database Articles

JSTOR, Anthrosource, eHRAF, EBSCO

These databases will give you additional, detailed information about your chosen culture. You will want to search by culture name and a sub-topic (dinka and economy, dinka and dwelling, for example). This does not always work well in JSTOR, however.

JSTOR has the best anthropology journal content. eHRAF contains foundational information on cultures. EBSCO has more than 100 anthropology titles, but search the other collections first. Log in to these resources with your TMCC credentials.

  • eHRAF - this is a collection of cultural data from many sources, including encyclopedias, books, journal articles, and conference papers.
  • EBSCO - search Academic Search Premier and/or MasterFILE. EBSCO also has a religion & philosophy collection.
  • JSTOR - try the advanced search so you can limit to anthropology journals only.

Open Access Journal Articles of Interest from Science Direct, a large collection of journals (create an account for journal access)