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This guide introduces students to the two most common citation styles used at TMCC, citation Do's and Don'ts, and links to other citation guides


The two citation styles most commonly used at TMCC are MLA and APA. Your teacher will tell you in your assignment which style you are supposed to follow. 

MLA is the Modern Language Association citation and format style, commonly used in English and Foreign Language classes.

APA is the American Psychological Association (APA) citation and format style, commonly used in fields such as Psychology, Anthropology, and Sociology.

If your teacher does not indicate a preference, use the style with which you are more comfortable.

Do's and Don't's

When you use resource in you paper:


  • integrate your citation into your text, don't let it stand out like a sore thumb
  • proofread your citation - if you use a citation from Primo or a database or if you use citation software such as KnightCite or EasyBib, make sure you double check the result against the applicable citation guide


  • forget to cite, even if you get the citation wrong, it is better to attribute than to be accused of plagiarism
  • forget to create a "Works Cited" or "References" list

Related Links

Below you will find links to other libraries' citation guides and writing center websites.  These will be helpful when you are looking for information on how to format a paper, how to integrate citations into your paper, and how to avoid plagiarism.

Purdue OWL (Online Writing Lab)

UNR MLA Citation Guide

UNR APA Citation Guide

Additional style options


If you have tried to use the links above, but are still having problems with your citations contact the Tutoring and Learning Center to set up an appointment with a tutor or make an appointment with a Reference Librarian.