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ANTH 102 - Godfrey: Databases

This research guide will help you find resources for the various writing assignment for this class..


The library has two databases which could have useful information for the projects in this class. You will need to log in to these databases with your TMCC credentials. If you put search phrases in quotes - "isotope analysis" for example, you are instructing the computer to search that exact phrase.

Journal Article Search Strategy

Try the following searches:

  • "isotope analysis"  - you could add AND archaeology if you like as well
  • dna AND "forensic anthropology"

Primate Report Search Strategy

For the primates search, search the common and scientific names of your primate (Squirrel Monkey and Saimiri) separately for the best results. A sample search could be "squirrel monkey" AND "social behavior" for example.

"Race Essay" Search Strategies

Question One: First, please read the AAA's Statement on Race to get anthropologist's take on the question of race. 

With this question, grab the keywords and create a search phrase - try human AND race AND categorization or human AND race AND history. Another good search phrase is "racial identity."

Question Two: Here, we want to search for keywords in the questions. The search "skin color" AND polygenetic finds some good results. Then search for "skin color" AND adaptation and human and you will be all set!

See the videos below for examples of searches in EBSCO and JSTOR.

  • EBSCO - MasterFILE Premier and Academic Search Premier have some good content.
  • JSTOR has some good material as well, but is harder to search. Use the Advanced Search for the best results.  You have to dig into the articles to find the content you want.

Journal Article Review Database Searching

The video below shows you how to search JSTOR for research articles in anthropology:

Primate Report Database Searching

The video below shows you how to search JSTOR for articles about primates:


The video below shows you how to search EBSCO for articles about primates:

"Race Essay" Database Searching

The following video presents a sample search in JSTOR to get you started on writing the "Race" essay.

You can try the same search in EBSCO, but the results are not nearly as good.