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Dental Science: Resources

How to find and research resources for the dental sciences

Online catalog

  • Library Resources
    • Begin with the "Library Smart Search"
      • Use terms such as dental, tooth, pulp, gum, etc.
      • Use a single word as a general search
      • Use two or more keywords  as a more specific search where both ideas must be contained in the results.
      • For a more limited search use additional key words.
    • For more in-depth research go to the individual databasees available and continue to use key words with "and".


  • Select your databases by reading the descriptions and choosing those best suited to your research.  Most of the Health databases are listed in the "Life Sciences Resources" category of the database list.  Some of the suggested databases are PubMed and Ovid 
  • In the Journals, Magazines and Newspapers category of the databases list, both EBSCO and The Gale Access Collection are multiple database collections where you can search more than one database at a time.
  • Use the Boolean search techniques discussed earlier to search these databases.
  • MedlinePlus is a government maintained consumer health database which is good for basic information and patient education.



  • ​E-books are available in both EBSCO and the E-book Central databases
  • ​Use a basic one keyword search such as dental or dentistry in the basic search box, or use the advanced feature for multiple keyword searches.