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Copyright: Copyright Tools & Guidelines

TMCC Copyright Policies

Helpful Tools at the American Library Association

  • The Fair Use Evaluator "is an online tool that can help users understand how to determine if the use of a protected work is a “fair use.” It helps users collect, organize, and document the information they may need to support a fair use claim, and  provides a time-stamped PDF document for the users’ records."
  • The Public Domain Slider - use the red arrow in the right margin and select the correct Date of First Publication for information on copyright status.

Other Helpful Resources

  • Copyright - Fair Use and Copyright. This excellent research guide at the University of Rhode Island has an up-to-date discussion of the fair use doctrine as well as examples to guide you in evaluating fair use. Of particular interest for instructors are the examples pages, especially for videos. Specific questions about copyright should be directed to the TMCC Legal Counsel's Office in RDMT 200 or by calling 775-673-7396.
  • The Fair Use Checklist at Columbia University. Click the PDF checklist at the bottom of the page.
  • Fair Use Evaluator: this tool allows you to run a Fair Use evaluation on material you want to use.
  • Copyright and Fair Use guidelines from Stanford University.

General Guidelines

Guidance for Course Reserves

Journal Articles of Interest
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