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Nutrition Resources: Getting Started

How to find basic information, books, peer-reviewed journals, and websites on Nutrition.

Where to Begin?

To begin a research project, determine how much information is needed, what type (general background and/or academic research).  Write down some search terms, and begin with the "Library Smart Search".  Then try them out in general education reference sources such as the reference books described here.

Modify as needed, then search again.  Keep track of your search terms, successful and unsuccessful.  In most cases, you need to do research to find out enough information to develop a search strategy and to modify it as needed.

Reference Books

Reference Books

In order to search for information effectively, it is a good strategy to use reference books to learn basic facts and terminology about a topic.  Here are books in the Reference Collection of the library and online reference books that will provide a good beginning.

Food Pyramid

Online Reference Databases

Search for encyclopedia articles in these two online reference book databases.  Both databases require passwords for off-campus access.  See the Reference Librarian for assistance.

Additional Research Resources

These Research Guides provide additional assistance in researching and writing a research paper: