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Biology 190 UV Sunscreen Lab: Using Books to Find Information on Sunblock's Effectiveness in Protecting from Ultraviolet Radiation

Information on the efficacy of sunscreen against UV radiation for the laboratory in Biology 190, including books, online reference books, and magazine and peer-reviewed (scholarly) journal articles.

Finding Information in the Library for Biology 190 UV Sunscreen Laboratory

The Library provides information in book, periodical, e-book, and online article formats.  Following the suggestions in this Research Guide should help toward successful completion of the assignment.

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Research Methods


Library Holdings:

For book-length works click on Library Holdings.

Hard copy books require no password in order to view the record.  At the end of the Search line “within” pull-down menu, Keyword is the default setting.  Type ‘sunscreen.’   One relevant hard copy book and multiple ebooks are retrieved. 

Petri Dish

Online Reference Books

The online reference book collection Gale Virtual Reference Library contains relevant entries.  Search for both ‘sunscreen’ and ‘ultraviolet’ separately or search both terms together with the word and between them, e.g.:  ‘sunscreen and ultraviolet’ or ‘ultraviolet and health.’ 

The databases listed in this Research Guide are available only to Truckee Meadows Community College students, faculty and staff. You will need your TMCC credentials (Username and Password) to access them off-campus.

Here is one of the chapters in a reference book retrieved by the search: