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Natural Disasters: Videos

Provides methods of finding information on such natural disasters as volcanoes, earthquakes, floods, severe weather, and shows how to tap into the worldwide movement to mitigate the severity of disasters and build disaster-resilient communities.


The TMCC Library owns a number of fine videos about various disasters.  Use the Library Catalog, and set the "Limit to: Videos."

Videos are kept in several places in the Library.  All DVDs and some VHS cassettes are kept behind the Circulation Desk and must be used in the Library except for showing in a class:

  • Course Reserves
  • AV Reserve
  • Feature Films

VHS Cassettes that are not on Reserve are kept in the Video Collection and can be checked out of the Library.



Because nearly everyone in the world has an I-phone, a surprising number of recent disasters have been recorded.   In addition, there are many videos about specific disasters or types of natural hazards posted free online from National Public Television and government sources.   YouTube videos can disappear from the website, so they are not necessarily a reliable source.


Three Databases contain abundant videos.  These databases require passwords for off-campus use.  See the Librarian for assistance.

Mount Pinatubo 1991

Examples of Videos