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Cultural Geography: Web Sites - Countries and Population

This Research Guide will point you toward resources on human geography, human population, and popular culture as it relates to geography.

Helpful Links

Information about Countries

  • Background Notes (State Dept.) - now known as "Bilateral Relations Fact Sheets." These provide brief content on the relations of each country with the United States and include links to various official pages about the country.
  • CIA World Factbook - This site has information about every nation in the world, and each entry covers the geography, government, economy and people of each country.
  • Country information from the World Bank - these entries have an demographic information on the nations of the world, plus information on World Bank engagement in each country.
  • Country Studies - these books from the Library of Congress cover more than 80 countries in detail.  Each book has a great history of the country covered, but they were often published decades ago, so any other information is well out-of -date.

Population Information

For more statistics sources, please see the Statistics Sources Research Guide.