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Hospitality & Tourism: Tourism Industry Analysis

Researching an Industry

Work through the steps below to begin your industry analysis:

1. To focus your search to an industry, start by finding out the NAICS Code for your industry. To find it fast, search google like this:

2. Your first result should be at the NAICS website. Click the link to learn about the industry and see the major players in the industry. In the case of hotels, we see companies like Hyatt and Hilton. Click on a name to see details about the company.

3. Now, search Gale Business Insight Global Industries section using the NAICS code you found for your industry. Read through the various links - Key Information, Case Studies, Magazines, etc. for more information.

Search the Company Profiles database in Business Source Elite. Many publicly traded companies are included, such as Marriott and Vail. The reports are detailed and an excellent source of information. But not all companies are included.

4. Finally, search ABI/Inform for industry news, financial results and more. Notice that it says you are searching 4 databases. Change this to just ABI. Click Advanced Search and note that one of the search boxes is labeled NAICS code! Type in your code and then a keyword you want to search for. These could include trends, a company name (such as Marriott), or whatever else you want to find. In the example below, the search was for the hotel industry, the Marriott company, and financial stories in the past 2 years.


5. Two last things to search are industry association websites and major company websites. They often have news, industry trends, financials, and of course company details.

Google is your friend here. A search for hotel association finds the American Hotel and Lodging Association PLUS local associations! Searching ski resort association finds the National Ski Areas Association and others.