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EPY 101 - Educational, Career, and Personal Development: Career Research Resources

Search Strategies

How do you find books and eBooks about careers and job searches?  Use the tips below to get started:

  • Use broad terms, such as "job search," resume, "job hunting," or careers.
  • Combine the search term career with a job category, such as sports, or hospitality to find information related to a specific career field.

Also, visit the TMCC Career Center to learn about the services and workshops they offer to get you ready for the world of work.


Determining a career is not as easy as one thinks. There are various stages one must achieve before accomplishing career objectives.  As such, TMCC Career Counselors, Librarians, and Faculty can assist you with realizing the steps required to capture your occupational goals. In addition, when writing a resume or cover letter the 0*Net database will provide you with the A - Z essence for what the profession entails and you will impress your Human Resources and Hiring Committee panel with your knowledge of the occupation and its task requirements. It is also advisable to research the companies you are applying to prior to the interview to have an idea on their mission, goals, who the key players are, and who the company serves and how.  Writing a cover letter/resume should always embrace to the best of your ability the essence of the job. It helps the reader determine how suitable a fit you are.

Here are a few examples from 0*Net:

See more occupations related to this activity.


Internet-based Resources

Use the Websites below to research various career options:

  • Nevada Career Information System (NCIS) - Nevada's "comprehensive career guidance system." Use it to research career and workforce information.
  • Occupational Outlook Handbook - a Website where you can research careers, browse careers by job category, search by salary or job outlook. The Occupational Outlook Handbook provides a brief narrative where as 0 Net provides more expansive details on tasks.
  • O*NET - Use this online tool to search careers, determine workforce demand, salary, required college degrees, and serve as a vocabulary tool for writing the perfect resume/cover letter through the vocabulary/requirements/tasks/technology associated with that occupation.