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NURS 212 - Cultural Aspects of Nursing Care: Books in the Library

This Research Guide will help you find the resources essential to success in this class.

Books in the Library

Available Book Titles

Go to the Library web site and click on the LIBRARY CATALOG.  Pull down the "within" table in the middle of the page and select "keyword using AND".  In the "Search" box enter your keywords such as "Muslim healthcare" or "Jewish illness".  Under the "# results found" line, click the "edit" button and pull down the "limit to" table.  Select "2011 and after".  This will limit your results to the most recent publications.  Pull up the full record of a title that you like and you will see your keywords highlighted in that record.   Note down the "location" and the "call number" and retrieve your book. 

Citation Builders

The library also has links to two citation builders: KnightCite and the Automated Citation Creator.

If you need assistance with researching your topic, please contact the library reference desk at Redfield, 850-4049 or the reference desk at the Dandini main campus,674- 7602.