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Library Services Overview: Peer-Reviewed Journal Articles

How to find information about authors and works of literature, and also literary criticism.

What is a Peer-Reviewed Journal Article?

What Is a Peer-Reviewed Journal?

A primary difference between scholarly journals and other types of journals and magazines is that articles in these journals undergo a "peer review" process before they are published. What does this mean?

Peer review is the process by which an author's peers, recognized researchers in the field, read and evaluate a paper (article) submitted for publication and recommend whether the paper should be published, revised, or rejected.

Peer review is a widely accepted indicator of quality scholarship in a discipline or field. Articles accepted for publication through a peer review process meet the discipline's expected standards of expertise.

Peer-reviewed (or refereed) journals are scholarly journals that only publish articles that have passed through this review process. --San Diego State University Library

Databases with Peer-Reviewed Articles on Literature

The databases listed in this Research Guide are available only to Truckee Meadows Community College students, faculty and staff. You will need your TMCC credentials (Username and Password) to access them off-campus.

JSTOR: Archive of Academic Journals

JSTOR is an enormous archive of back issues of academic journals.   Over 400 Language  & Literature journals are included, with all the articles from every issue in a range of dates.