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Eng 102 - Cinderella in the World - Dr. Johnson-Olin: How to Do Research

Where to Search

The goal of this assignment is to write an argumentative research paper using at least 1 primary source and 5-7 secondary sources.  At least 3 of the secondary sources must be from journal articles or physical or electronic books.

There are several places on the TMCC Library site that you can start your research.

You can start searching through the Library Search on the main webpage.  

I suggest using the Advanced Search at the bottom of the Library Search to change the layout for multiple word searches.

If you prefer to search specific databases, go to the Databases webpage and search the individual databases.

Your primary Go-To's will be the eBook Collection, Ebook Central, EBSCO, the Gale Access Collection, and JSTOR. 
(More detailed instructions on how to search each one of these databases are in the dropdown menu.)

All databases function more or less the same.  They have a basic search bar and an advanced search.  They have citation, e-mail, print, download, and permalink/doi buttons.  The buttons are just not always in the same place. 

You are welcome to use Google or Google Scholar to search for articles, but when you find something of interest backtrack to the TMCC Library to see if we have the article you found.  NEVER pay for any of the research materials you need at this point in your academic career.  If we do not have the article you are looking for, submit an Interlibrary Loan Request or e-mail a librarian.

The TMCC library has several film databases.  These are at the bottom of the Databases page.

For this assignment, you should only use these databases to search for documentary films about your topic.  Documentaries are considered secondary sources.  The film databases only offer simple searches and you have to sort through the titles you find to differentiate between feature films and documentaries.