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Geology of Nevada: Quick Review of Basic Geology

Nevada geology covers general earth science, as well as special issues such as mining and earthquakes.


GeoMan's Rock and Mineral Glossary

Includes links to other portions of the excellent website by GeoMan, Mike Strickler, Rogue Community College.


How to Identify Minerals

What is a Mineral?

To be classified as a mineral, a substance must be an inorganic, naturally formed solid, with a specific chemical formula and a fixed internal structure. For example, coal is not a mineral (it's organic), but snow meets all five (5) requirements and therefore is a mineral. --GeoMan

How to Identify Rocks

GeoMan's Rock Summary.

Brief but thorough identification chart.

GeoMan's Igneous Rock Notes, includes links to general information on rocks and links to charts.

Plate Tectonics

U.S. Geological Survey online short course in Plate Tectonics:   This Dynamic Earth.

Geologic Time

U.S. Geological Survey short course on Geologic Time.