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Geology of Nevada: Books

Nevada geology covers general earth science, as well as special issues such as mining and earthquakes.

Library Catalog


Books are the best library resources for comprehensive information. Most books are allowed to leave the library, with the student ID as library card.  

Search the Library Catalog for specific titles or topics using the Library Catalog scope.

Library Locations

Library Reference Collection

Reference books are condensed, authoritative books such as encyclopedias.  Many reference books contain primary sources and original documents. 

Nevada Collection

Shelved adjacent to the Reference section, this is a select group of books on Nevada topics.  Disaster-related items cover issues such as floods and earthquakes in Nevada, along with Nevada geology and natural history.

General Collection  

Very large and very good collection, shelved mainly on the second floor of the Main Library.  Ask the Reference Librarians for assistance.  These books are allowed to leave the library.

Online Books in the Book and Video Catalog

To limit your search to online books, select ‘Advanced search.’  Select ‘Online Library’ on the Location line.  The title will include this phrase in brackets:  [electronic resource]. 

Search by Keyword

In the Library Catalog, search the keywords listed below to find resources about the sample topics. You can limit your results to books after the initial search.

Abandoned Headframe, Mercury Mine

Most Common Earth Science Call Number Areas

Most common earth science Call Number areas 

  • Geology call numbers:  QE
  • Land use:  HD
  • Mining:  TN
  • Water issues:  GB
  • Weather and Climate:  QC

Search by Subject Heading

Searching by subject headings is a powerful tool to search for specific topics.  Use either the “Subject keyword using AND” or “Subject Browse” option in the Search within menu.

Subject Headings about Nevada Geology

More Significant Books in Nevada Geology