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Genealogy and Family History: Genealogy as a Career

A guide to assist those interested in starting a family history project.

Genealogy as a Career

Yes, you can make genealogy a career.  Becoming a professional genealogist takes a lot of time and effort.  Here are some resources to get you started.

Books on Becoming a Professional Genealogist: Ask at the Library Circulation Desk How to do an ILL

Hiring a Professional Genealogist

What is a Reasonable Conclusion in Genealogy?

Learning the Genealogical Proof Standard

What is the Genealogical Proof Standard?

The Genealogical Proof Standard (GPS) is a guideline for establishing the reliability ("proof") of a genealogical conclusion with reasonable certainty. It is important within the genealogical community for clearly communicating the quality of research performed, such as by a professional genealogist.

Books on Evidence/Proof

Am I ready to Become a Professional Genealogist?

Where Can I Earn a Degree?

Obtaining a degree in genealogy will provide you with the skills not only to research your own family history, but to pursue it as a career as well.


Genealogy Conferences/Conventions

What Does a Professional Report Look Like?

Popular Publications for the Genealogist

Genealogy Awards