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Genealogy and Family History: Photographs

A guide to assist those interested in starting a family history project.

Using Old Photos To Further Your Family History Research

Do you have shoe boxes, photo albums or drawers full of old family photographs and postcards? If you do, there is probably a chance that no one ever wrote on the back of them. So who are those people in your old photographs and postcards? When and where were the pictures taken? Is there a story behind the photograph? If you think there's no way to ever answer these questions, you are wrong! Each picture and post card tells a story, learning how to find the forensic clues on each one just might make the difference between a useless picture and a treasured family photograph. Want to know how? See below.

Books Available at the TMCC Library: Finding Clues in Old Photographs

Using Clothing Styles and Fashion in Old Photographs and Heirlooms To Pinpoint Time and Place

Podcast: Find the Clues in Your Old Family Photographs

Using Google Chrome To Help Identify Old Family Photographs

The Various Types of Old Photographs

Identifying Old Photographs

Samples of Ebsco Database Articles: Family Photographs